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New Landscape Architecture
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. , 30.2 x 23.4 x 3.4 , , 352 . Landscape architecture today is a broad range of very different uses of free spaces: sometimes strict, sometimes playful, powerful or reserved, provocative or almost unnoticeable. The title reflects the aesthetic and also ecological effects of landscape architecture upon public spaces. The one thing all the landscape architects whose projects are in the book have in common is that they all create spaces for people. The title New Landscape Architecture that is published in the series Architecture in Focus presents a wide range of contemporary projects among these are landscape parks and horticultural shows, gardens and courtyards, squares and promenades, as well as open spaces for health, recreation and public life. The publication provides an overview of eighty ways of structuring and designing open spaces and illustrates these projects by means of texts, photographs, plans and drawings.

Japanese Gardens
Gunter Nitschke
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